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The Canadian Ging Wu offers a dedicated youth/adults class starting from the age of 14. Students are separated by sash level to give more concentration to each group. This allows our instructors to focus on each student's needs. Students are taught a multitude of skills which they will continually develop through our structured curriculum. These skills include traditional Hung Kuen hand forms, point sparring, weapon forms, and lion dance.



Students enrolled at Canadian Ging Wu are mainly taught traditional Hung Kuen and Chin Woo hand forms originally developed in China. Our hand forms employ the use of the 5 animals of hung gar including, tiger, snake, dragon, crane and leopard. Mastery of these forms will help build discipline, strength and confidence.


Traditional weapon forms are taught to students who have developed a clear understanding of Kung Fu basics. From staff to the 9 sectional chain whip, students are taught their choice of weapon based on their individual interest and skill level.



Students learn to practice their self defense skills through point sparring. These simulated bouts help you to understand and use what you learned in class to apply them in a safe and controlled environment.



Interested in enrolling? Contact us today to get started on your martial arts journey. 

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